Zoho CRM comes with modern features and tools your company needs to build lasting relationships with your customers. Ranked as one of the most powerful customer relationship management programs by users and critics, Zoho CRM is intuitive to use and offers a host of functionality to businesses. At Wisethink, we tailor Zoho CRM to meet your company’s requirements and integrate it with the existing apps you’re using. We also help you choose the right plan after analyzing your needs so get maximum ROI out of Zoho CRM.


Stay in control of your cash flow by managing your finances with a cloud based accounting software, Zoho Books. With Zoho Books implemented in your company, you will never have to worry about keeping your finances in one place or sending timely invoices, because it does everything for you. It integrates with 40+ other Zoho apps to help you manage every aspect of your business with ease. We help you adapt Zoho Books for your business with ease and customize it according to your needs.


Simplify inventory control within your organization with Zoho Inventory, a cloud based inventory control system built for small and medium sized businesses. From the point you place an order with your vendor to the point you deliver products to your eager customers, Zoho Inventory lets you manage and track everything in one place. Zoho Inventory is available in many different pricing plans to suit the needs of a wide variety of businesses. And we help you choose and deploy the most suitable plan keeping your current and future business needs in mind.


Make your life as a business owner much easier by centralizing your billing process using Zoho Invoice. It is online software that allows users to create professional invoices, automatically send invoice reminders and get paid faster. Zoho Invoice is easy to use as it comes with multiple pre-made invoicing templates to choose from and create invoices quickly.


Keep your workplace communication organized no matter where your employees are using Zoho Connect. It is a team collaboration tool which makes it easier for teams to collaborate, share files and get things done together. On Zoho Connect, all the resources your team needs are easily accessible across devices to help your organization accomplish tasks faster and from anywhere.


Maintain your employee database, manage your workforce and centralize all your HR processes with Zoho People. It is a powerful cloud based HR software solution crafted to help small and medium sized businesses create a happier workforce. Not only does it help with hiring and onboarding employees, it also helps with employee database management, performance overiwer and much more. We help you move all your HR processes to Zoho people and simplify the way your business manages its people.

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