A firewall is a security system designed to monitor and control incoming and outgoing traffic from a network with a predetermined set of rules based on the requirements and desired security posture. Firewall is the first and at times the only layer of defense in your perimeter security. A misconfigured or misaligned firewall configuration has the potential to expose and leak sensitive organizational data to the outside world.

With our expert knowledge and industry experience spanned across multiple vendor technologies and industry vertical we can help provide best of breed firewall configuration and installation services. We work across a multitude of major vendors including but not limited to Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, WatchGuard and Sophos.


Our managed firewall service provides 365x24x7 firewall administration, log monitoring and management. We provide and respond to security and device health events. Our firewall reporting service helps with compliance initiatives along with meeting perimeter security, access control and uptime requirements. We ensure highly sensitive and resource intensive tasks are taken care off by providing our trained and technical staff. We ensure devices are provisioned, monitored and updated to ensure 24/7 security.


We use a combination of automated toolsets and expert knowledge to provide a more secure, compliant and effective security posture for your firewalls. We ensure firewalls are optimized for performance by providing recommendations on removing redundant, unnecessary, unused rules along with reordering rulesets. We also specialize in capacity analysis to help guide appropriate sizing of hardware/software of the firewalls


To enhance performance and ensure business continuity we compare configured firewall policies to vendor best practices, industry standards and any rule violations. We perform custom analysis to match internal and industry specific guidelines and policies. We support compliance initiatives such as PCI-DSS, ISO 270001, access control, log retention and analysis.


With a multitude of vendors and a rich feature sets offered by next generation firewalls choosing a vendor is an arduous task. Our technical experts provide a vendor agnostic reviews and recommendations to fit the technical needs as well as budget requirements. We gather organizational specific requirements and supplement these with our industry knowledge and best practice methodologies. We use a highly analytical, mathematical approach and in doing so we take away any ambiguity and provide you with clear decision making

Network Segmentation

As per ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) guidelines network segmentation and segregation is one of the most effective controls an agency can implement to mitigate the second stage of a network intrusion, propagation or lateral movement.

More often than not network segmentation is overlooked in an organization. If implemented correctly, it can make it significantly more difficult for a malicious cyber adversary to locate and gain access to your organization’s most sensitive information.

Our approach is to minimize exposure of sensitive and highly critical data from external as well as internal threats by using appropriate segmentation and requisite controls to prevents data leakage and loss.

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