Vulnerability Scan is a process that scans organizations computer systems, network, applications and IT assets for system weaknesses/vulnerabilities. Typically a discovery is followed by prioritisation of vulnerabilities and provision of guidelines for counter measures.


A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on computer systems, network, applications and IT assets. It's a step further to the vulnerability scan wherein the vulnerabilities discovered during the vulnerability assessment scan phase are exploited/penetrated to gain access into the target systems and sensitive data. Its prime function is to look for any security weaknesses that could result in a malicious attacker potentially gaining access to the system's features or a weakness that could lead to inadvertent leakage of confidential information.

We specialize in the following vulnerability and penetration testing services:

  • Web Application
  • Web Application
  • Secure source code auditing
  • Web Services
  • External and internal network
  • Wireless network
  • VOIP
  • PCI/DSS network and web
  • PCI-DSS ASV Scanning
  • Cloud services and infrastructure
  • Social Engineering
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