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Fast growing companies choose us for their mission critical React JS and React
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We’re not your traditional React developers. If you’re looking for true partners to help meet your goals, our solution-based approach can help your technology product scale and the business grow.

Rapid Development We ensure rapid product development leveraging reusable components and rich ecosystem of React JS and React Native.
Experience With over 7 years of experience in delivering software solutions, we cover the entire gamut of product engineering with proven expertise in React JS and React Native Development.
Cutting Edge of Tech We’re always on top of current trends and on top of recent developments in development and processes.


Our Key Clients


Business Focus Mindset

Our goal is to help your business succeed and have our entire team aligned to your goals – business and technical. Our co-founders hold monthly meetings to help you grow your business/product.

Faster Development

React.js allows one to easily construct front-end components from common UI design elements. These components are reusable, reducing the overall amount of code we need to write.

Skill Spread

We have the full-spectrum experience across technologies that are vital, such as Javascript, ES6, Redux, jQuery, Realm, Grunt, Gulp, WebPack and AJAX.

Flexible Engagement Model

We have flexible engagement models to suit every needs – whether you need to outsource the full project, hire contract resources or looking for a hybrid model.


Checklist To Hire React Native Development Company

1. Quick and Versatile Communication

One of the first things you should pay attention to when hiring a consulting company that specializes in React.js development is that they are quick to respond and have various ways of getting in touch with you.

Software development companies that are able to communicate with you regardless if you are using a phone, tablet or desktop, can help you drive your product forward.

For example, Arkenea’s open communication policy helps you to constantly stay up-to-date with your product’s progress via bi-weekly demonstrations and an online team who are available on a daily basis.

2. Flexibility

The developers you work with should be able to assist you with what you need at the time you need it. Thus, it’s important to have access to a large pool of React JS and React Native developers who not only have the skills you need but are able to help you get your project going.

Look for consulting companies that can help you facilitate rapid development by ensuring they have access to React developers who can work across different time zones and who have a large selection of React developers.

Also, consider how flexible the React web development company’s services are in regards to how much service you need. For instance, you have the flexibility to use React developers for all or part of your project when use use Arkenea’s React development services.

3. Vetting Process

It’s important to understand the vetting process when it comes to hiring a React web development company that provides ReactJS and React Native development services.

By knowing how your development company screens and tests React developers, you can better determine if your hiring processes align or if you’ll find tech candidates who match the skills you need.

Ask the company to walk you through the hiring process, including if their developers are required to pass a skills test or technical test. Also a reputable company will reveal the level of experience their developers have. For example, Arkenea’s React developers typically have between two and 10 years of experience.

4. Expertise Range

Having the right technical skills and expertise is a priority. If the React Native development company that you’re considering cannot complete the tasks or projects you need done, then you can end up wasting valuable time.

A custom software development company that offers React development services should have developers who have a background in front-end software development.

These React developers should also be well-versed in common programming languages used in web development, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Make sure you review the company’s work, including past projects, as well as testimonials from previous clients.

Consider the depth of services the consulting company provides, including the skills its React Native developers have. Some typical React skills and capabilities to look for include:

  1. Experience with CSS frameworks, including Bootstrap
  2. Familiarity common libraries, such as Flux Design Pattern
  3. Bugging and debugging for different parts of the software development life cycle, including testing, quality assurance and design
  4. User Interface (UI) application development capabilities
  5. Unit testing frameworks
5. React JS and React Native Skillset

Consider testing for specific skills to React JS and React Native, including testing the skills of prospective developers from the consulting company.

For example, you can ask about defining pure functional components or inquire about the importance of refs and keys.

By testing for specific React JS and React Native skills, you can ensure that you have a better selection of a React Native development company that can help you achieve your project goals.

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